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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Acne Free Skin

Acne is a very common skin condition, it is also known as pimples. If you have any difficulty in curing your acne naturally, then you have to use some acne home remedies. Many people are now looking towards natural home remedies for acne. Some of the acne home remedies are.

Baking Soda:- Use ½ teaspoon of baking soda with water and make a paste from it. Now apply this paste on acne or pimple and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it with water.

Honey:- Apply honey on infected area leave it for overnight or for ½ an hour then wash it with water. Honey kills the skin bacteria and germs. Regular use of honey gives smooth, glowing and acne free skin. It is excellent remedy.

Garlic:- Garlic contains anti bacteria properties and help in reducing acne or pimple problems. Apply garlic paste or garlic juice on infected area and leave for overnight and wash it off in the morning. It clears the acne or pimple with in few weeks.

Lemon:- Mix one lemon juice and equal quantity of rose water and apply it on your face for half an hour and then rinse off with water. It will clear your acne and acne scars and also lighten the skin complexion.

Mint :- You can also apply mint juice on acne area and wash it after 20 minutes.

Fenugreek:- Make paste of fenugreek leaves. Apply this paste on face for 15 minutes or let it dry then wash it with warm water. This home remedy clear the acne and acne scars and prevent acne or pimple from coming back. You can see the result in few days if you use this remedy on regular basis.

Vinegar:- You can use this remedy also. Mix vinegar with little quantity of salt and rub this liquid gently on face and it after half an hour.

Turmeric:- Mix some turmeric powder with mint juice and make a past . Now apply this paste on acne . Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it with warm water.

Toothpaste:- Apply toothpaste on acne or pimple for overnight and wash it in the morning. It will reduce the swelling of your acne or pimples and also reduces the pain of acne or pimples.

Water:- Drink eight glasses of water in the day. It cleans the toxins of your body keep your body hydrated.

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