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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lip Care at Home, Tips for Healthy Lips

Lips are the delicate part of face it is essential part of makeup. Lipsticks highlight lips and make our face more attractive. Every person would love to look good but women are more crazy about their looks. If u want to achieve a healthy, shiny lips then u need to proper take care of your lips. If your lips are healthy then they look more sexy when u apply lipstick.

Apply good quality lip balms and lip gloss that protect the lips from sun and prevent lips from chapping and drying. Use lip balms that contains SPF protection.

Apply butter oil on lips overnight. It protects the lips naturally. You can also massage your lips with butter oil.

To get soft lips you can apply tomato paste and milk cream.

Before going to bed apply moisturizing cream or lip balm on your lips. You will get smooth and soft lips in morning.

Before going to sleep remove lipstick with milk cleanser.

Always use good quality lipstick for your lips. low quality lipsticks damage lips. You can also apply natural balm on lips before applying lipstick so your lips will remain moisturized whole the day. Or can use a lipstick which have moisturizing properties.

Drink plenty of water, 2 liters in a day for adults and 1 liter for children. This will keep your body, skin and also lips hydrated.

Avoid licking lips. It dries the lips because saliva evaporates quickly and leaves the lips dry.

Eat fruits and green vegetables which have high vitamins, minerals and protein. Fruits and vegetables keep the skin and lips healthy.


  1. I will try these remedies